Sandy I can’t thank you enough for meeting me at the hospital and giving my hubby Reiki. Today he is in very good spirits, he said the pain isn’t bad at all. How wonderful is it to know that you will travel…….again I can’t thank you enough and I look forward to my next Reiki session.
Thank you again, Diane Kozak
In May I was in a terrible head on car crash. I broke my leg in 2 places and had to have it operated on. The leg broke at the ankle and just below the knee, they had to hollow out the bone and put a steel rod in and attach it with screws. The doctor had told my wife it would be about 2 years before I would be able to walk normally. I went to the doctor in August he was totally amazed that I was so much improved that he took me off the crutches and I’m walking with my cane. He told me he had never seen anyone do so well with the operation. The day I was in the accident my wife happened to be with Sandra. She came to the hospital to give me Reiki and I have been to her a couple of times since i’ve been home. I sincerely feel that Reiki and Sandra have been a huge part of my healing.
I’m sure the doctor felt that I would be more to the end of those 2 years before healing because I am in my 60′s and am overweight . But I fooled him, and I believe that Sandra and Reiki helped even more than she knows.- Michael Kozak
I have had the pleasure of two readings that have changed my life. The first saved my life by removing fear and negativity and reassuring me I wasn’t alone and I have many angels watching over me. My last one further opened my eyes to questions I refused to ask myself for quite some time. She explained that “We may not always get what we want but we will get what we need, all you have to do is ask.” Thank you Sandra see you in October.-Debbie D
Happy Holidays to you Sandra. I just wanted to let you know how accurate you are/were when you gave me a Reiki session this past Summer. When you went around my general hip area you said you saw the color black. At the time you said it was a type of death attributed to possibly some of the meds that I was taking for the horrific pain in my hip. I then weened myself off of the meds but the pain just continually got worse.... The neuro people insisted that they operate on my discs in my back but I was not convinced. I went to another doctor for pain management and when he saw me walk in, in 30 seconds he said.."it is not your back causing this pain it is your hip!!!"
Long story short, he diagnosed me with Avascular Necrosis Disease Beyond the final stage. It was so bad that my top of my femure had callapsed!! I no longer had a hip joint.... It had died due to lack of a blood supply.
So here I sit recouping from a total hip replacement that will be 2 weeks tomorrow that I was operated on.
I just wanted to share with you about your accuracy of what you were seeing. Thank you Sandra!-Denise Rivard
Sandy was a co-worker of mine and she told me about Reiki and that she was an Angel Intuitive.  I went to see her finally for a Reiki treatment, the experience was amazing  and I then asked for an Angel Card Reading, the messages I received from my Angels were straight on and I felt such a wonderul feeling of peace for days afterwards. - Bev Green
What a lucky day for me the day that I met Sandy.  I had gone to a Psychic Fair that was a fundraiser for a charity I support.  I was drawn to Sandy's Angel Card reading and by her warm presence.  When she instructed me to draw my cards, I was stunned and shocked by the cards that presented, being exactly the ones that addressed my concerns and issues.  Adding Sandy's interpretations to the cards helped me more fully realize the presence of angels in my life, there to help me through the struggles of life.  I cannot thank you enough, Sandy!! - Lindsey Dalton
I had the pleasure of having an angel reading with Sandra, and found many reasons to be impressed.  She blends a gentle delivery with very powerful information.  Each word is personalized completely avoiding vague generalities.  I was grateful for the accuracy as well as her generosity and sincere desire to be of service for my Highest Good.
-Michelle Hanson
 Sandra's readings are accurate and come from a true innate connection with spirit. She is compassionate and professional and conducts her sessions with a sense of Trust and Knowing.” 
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity -
Nick Dellacava
 “Sandra is quite remarkable. I admit I was skeptical of her methodology at first. The results of consulting with her have been far beyond my highest expectations. She is a professional in a field populated with amateurs and hobbyists. I prefer her coaching over licensed counselors both in its style and its content.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
-Allen Penrod
“Sandra has always had an extremely warm presence with an abundance of loving energy. But wow, once she sang at an opening ceremony at an event we did together, her entire soul showed itself. A beautiful being, powerful reader with a beautiful voice!” -
Wendy Stevens, Herbalis, Reiki Master (with Retail Store), Garden Plum Enterprises, LLC