A special message from Sandra:
All Services listed below are services  that I provide to assist you on your road to a balanced and happy life. No matter what cards life has dealt you, whether it is regarding stress, illness, recovery, spiritual, emotional or mental issues, anxieties, past trauma, abuse, PTSD, (I've worked with many VETS) or financial. Whatever is intervering on your road to wellness the universe has an answer.  The loving modalities of Reiki, Angel/Medical Intuitiveness and life coaching seems to always be the answer to life's Trauma/Dramas. I am here for you with the blessings of devine guidance.  God has granted me these gifts so that I may have the honor of being allowed to participate on your road to recovery. I am not bound to these fees below, the  angels always tell me when someone is truly in need of services and when I am to answer the call.  So do not be fearful to contact me due to financial worries. I have been there myself many times.  In light and love. 
Private Angel Intuitive Card Readings
1-30 Minutes - $50.00  /   31- 60 Minutes - $100.00
Please note*  I can do readings over the internet via Skype or on the telephone, until I am able to accept cards, a check must be sent and cleared before I can do a reading  this way.  I will book a tentative appointment until the check has cleared.
Angel Card Reading Home Parties 
Hosting a party is a great way to get a free reading.  All Hosts get a 30 Minute free reading.  The host must book a minimum of 8 people.. Each guest will have a 10-15-minute reading at the discount price of $ 25.00 each.  What a great way to find out what Angelic readings are all about at a discounted price and with friends & family who could use a little Angelic support! 
Events, Fairs, Fundraiser, Bachelorette Parties, etc.
These run from $250 - $1500.00 depending on the venue and time.
Reiki/ Medical Intuitive
Reiki Healing Sessions, on site or distance: 1-30 Minutes- $50.00  /  31-60 Minutes-$100.00 
Minimum of  30 Minutes.   
Reiki Level I Class- $125.00
Reiki Level II Class -$175.000
*If you are interested in a class to learn Reiki, please contact me for location, tuition and registration:
**For  Reiki Master & Master Teacher, I prefer sending you to the Master herself: Libby Barnett, MSW, you can contact her at
*** For more info on Reiki, please feel free to contact me for a brochure. 
Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church (Non-denominational)
*These fees vary due to the needs of each client:  Average range $250-$1500.00
Officiate Wedding Ceremonies (all marriages)
Officiate Funerals/Burials
Life Coaching/ Spiritual guidance - 
Is always negotiable due to circumstances and events in my client's  lives,  I ask the angels to always intuitively  guide me on the needs of these clients and I find that they will align those in need with any monetary donation seen fit and appropriate for everyone.  
Professional Lead Vocalist/Singer for special events:
Please contact me for info.